Landscaping and Standby Generators

Landscaping and Generators

It’s a known fact that standby generators are not pretty to look at. This can be a particularly touchy subject for homeowner’s associations who have strict requirements regarding the appearance of your landscaping. Fear not, read our guide to discover how to add curb appeal to your generator.


The first step to any landscaping project is the planning phase. Start by checking your HOA documents (if applicable) to see any landscape requirements or restrictions that apply to your neighborhood. Consider your current landscaping and create a layout that will blend with or enhance surrounding features. Plan for clearance and choose appropriate plants that will not interfere with the operation of your generator or make access to the generator impossible. It may help to sketch out your plans to get an idea of how your landscaping choices will look visually.

Generator Clearance

It is important to note that standby generators require a certain amount of clearance in order to operate safely. The rule of thumb when planning landscaping to go along with your generator is to maintain 18” of clearance from the side of your house and 36” clearance on either side. Maintaining the appropriate amount of clearance will ensure that your generator can operate safely and can be accessed by a maintenance professional. 

Flower beds and rock gardens

Flower beds and rock gardens can act as an extension to your current landscaping and are easy to create. Make your generator a part of your garden by installing it inside a flower bed or rock garden to add a nice aesthetic, providing a clean, manicured appearance. Choose your favorite pebble or mulch and add edging to create a clean, minimalistic design. This can be done in many different ways to incorporate your color scheme and design choices. 

Standby generator in rock garden / flower bed


For individuals who would like to hide their generator from view, consider shrubbery. Shrubs can hide your generator while still providing access for maintenance on the condition that they are properly maintained. Choose from shrubs that complement your existing landscape, and you may forget your generator is even there until your experience a power outage! A few recommended shrubs are:

  • Evergreens
  • Azaleas – Phoenicia and Imperial Queen
  • Camellia
  • Alba Plena
  • Glen 40
  • Nuccio’s Bella Rossa
Standby generator with bushes


There are a variety of fencing options to hide your generator. You can choose from a standard privacy fence, a green fence made of climbing plants, or a DIY art piece such as up-cycled shutters. Fences are a great option for hiding generators and utilities in general. Choosing a fence color that matches the color scheme of your house will make it look like an addition to the existing structure.


There are many ways to hide a standby generator or incorporate it into your existing landscape. So, do not be deterred from getting a standby generator solely based on appearance! From plants to structures, you too can have a standby generator that is an asset to your property and never an eye-sore.

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