synchrony finance

Invest in your safety.

Don't put a price on your family's safety. We are now offering financing through Synchrony Bank for generator purchases, installations, and maintenance packages.

Synchrony financing details.

• $0 due up front
• Available for generator purchases, installations, and maintenance packages up to 3 years
• Allows you to lump the cost of the generator, installation, and maintenance into one loan
• Multiple financing options include 0% interest for the first 18 months or low percentage risk options for the entire term of the loan

How do I apply for financing?

The process is easy! After your initial generator consultation, you will have the option to apply for financing. You can fill out a financing application with one of our sales personnel or on your own via a paper application. Once you are approved, your generator installation will begin! After the installation is completed, your sales representative will submit your application to Synchrony for payment and you will be free to enjoy your new generator!

Did you know?

• You may already have a Synchrony account. Synchrony Bank is used by many reputable companies such as Banana Republic, Sam's Club, Amazon and more. If you have a store credit card, check if it is from Synchrony Bank. This will make the financing process easier as you have already been qualified for credit.

• Any unused amount of your loan can be applied to other purchases! This means if you qualify for a $10,000.00 loan and you only use $8,000.00 for your generator installation, you have $2,000.00 left over to use for other purchases! At the same time, you do not have to use the remaining $2,000.00. In this case, your loan would be $8,000.00 at the time of completion instead of the $10,000.00 you originally qualified for. Use as much or as little of your qualified loan amount as you desire!


Free 10 Year Warranty with Select Standby Generator Purchase

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