How to Prepare for Hurricane Ian

The hurricane season has peaked in Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean. In recent weeks, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were both severely affected by Hurricane Fiona, causing structural damage and power outage in several areas. This week, however, weather turbulence is heading to Florida. According to various sources, Ian is now a […]

The Power of CPR — The Local Winter Garden

This story will appear in the August 2022 issue of the Local Winter Garden Magazine. Complete Power Resources has it what it takes to keep Winter Garden running through the stormy season. Power outages have become as Floridian as oranges and vacations, but they’re not nearly as much fun. And not surprisingly, natural disasters account […]

How to Handle A Power Outage

There is never a convenient time to experience a power outage, but like all emergencies — a blackout may strike at the most unexpected time. If you find yourself without power, here are a few tips on how you can manage:

Tips for using a portable generator

Refer to the generator user’s manual for proper use instructions Make sure to buy the correct oil type for your generator. This will either be listed in the generator user’s manual or on the generator’s body. Refer to the size of your generator to see how much oil you will need on hand. Remember, it […]

Landscaping and Standby Generators

Landscaping and Generators It’s a known fact that standby generators are not pretty to look at. This can be a particularly touchy subject for homeowner’s associations who have strict requirements regarding the appearance of your landscaping. Fear not, read our guide to discover how to add curb appeal to your generator. Planning The first step […]

Hurricane Prep List: What to Pack

Hurricane season can be very scary, but it can be even scarier if you do not have the appropriate supplies! Here is a quick list of basic supplies you should have in your hurricane prep kit. Hurricane season runs from June 1st – November 30th every year. Make sure that you and your family are […]

Generator Purchasing Guide

So It’s Time to Buy a Generator Imagine this. You are sitting at home when suddenly a power line is struck by lightning and all of your lights go out! Now, we have all experienced instances where we have been without power. Sometimes, it lasts for a few hours, and sometimes, it lasts much longer. […]

Generator Horror Stories- Rat Attack

Rat Attack Jerry woke up early Friday morning, grabbed his toolbox, and drove out to the Gibson’s house. It seems they lost power and their generator was not working. Prepared to investigate, Jerry removed the cover on the generator, and something immediately caught his eye. He discovered that a rat had chewed through the wiring! […]