PSA- Hurricane Preparation

Preparation and Generators News providers report there is a 60% chance that a tropical depression will form in the Gulf of Mexico. Regardless of formation, Southwest Florida can expect upwards of 2-4 inches of rain. Some counties have already experienced rainfall well above the average for this time of the year. In addition to tropical […]

After the storms, the world of home generators

The devastating hurricane season this year has put generators back in the news. That’s prompted a lot of people to start thinking about whether their home needs a backup system in the event of a natural disaster. Even those homeowners who were not directly impacted by the storms almost certainly were motivated by the coverage […]

6 tips when purchasing a home generator

The stormy hurricane season across the southern United States this year left a lot of people with a frustrating reminder of just how problematic it can get to go days, weeks, or even longer without electricity. All of the basic necessities we take for granted on a daily basis were suddenly gone. It was hot […]

Nursing Home Emergency Power Plan

(1) Procedures Regarding Emergency Environmental Control for Nursing Homes. Nursing homes shall, within forty-five (45) days of the effective date of this emergency rule, provide in writing, to the Agency for Health Care Administration and to the local emergency management agency for review and approval, a detailed plan which includes the following criteria: (a) The […]