Generators for a Business

Backup generators ensure your business runs uninterrupted during power outages. Even a short power outage resulting in loss of phone and internet service can impact your customer service and revenue. Here at Complete Power Resources we consult with small businesses in an effort to provide the right piece of equipment to keep your business up and running. Food Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, Dentist Offices, Gas Stations, Assisted Living Facilities and more:  we can keep them running. Our goal is to help you deliver to your customers an uninterrupted service experience.


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Here's what we offer

Briggs & Stratton Standby

Briggs & Stratton provides smart and reliable backup power solutions coupled with one of the best warranties on the market today. Whether you are connecting to a few select circuits or even a whole house, Briggs & Stratton has the perfect generator to fit your specific needs. Enjoy a ‘life uninterrupted’.

Generac Generator

Whether it's a standby power system for a large data center, a backup generator powering the family home through an outage, or the cleaning power of a pressure washer, Generac meets the power needs of consumers and businesses alike.

Kohler Generator

During an outage, Kohler generators provide immediate and long term power to your home or business. Whether it’s a storm or Utility failure, Kohler generators keep you comfortable, safe and secure. And when your camping, on the job site, or working away from available power, Kohler has a portable for you as well.

Cummins Air Cooled

Cummins provides efficient, fully-integrated systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. An investment in standby power is an investment in ensuring your home or business continuity. Safeguard your home or business from the increasing number and severity of costly power outages with a Cummins generator.